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My thoughts on $9 million domain name sale
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on February 4th,a mammoth domain name sale sends shock waves through the domain name business.

Rick Schwartz, aka the “Domain King”, has done it again.

As first reported by TheDomains yesterday, Schwartz sold the domain name for $8,888,888.88.

Here are my thoughts on the sale.

1. First, a hat tip to Schwartz. He’s a polarizing figure, and you might not agree with everything he does or says. But this latest sale solidifies him in the halls of domaining. And, regardless of what you think of his antics, his big sales help all .com domain name owners.

2. I don’t know much about the online adult business. I hear that porn purveyors are struggling, but clearly a lot of the online distributors are doing quite well. In my book, the three top public domain name sales of all time are now porn related:, and now (I ignore, because there was some funny business going on with the buyer.) Also, consider the premium sales .xxx has managed to pulled off in recent years. The company that bought has purchased many other valuable domain names.

3. I was a bit surprised to hear that this is the highest ever single domain deal transacted at I believe the company has done a handful of 8 figure transactions, but I guess those included more than one domain or perhaps other assets. It’s possible that the allocation of value in those larger transactions included a domain for more than $8.9 million, but wouldn’t necessarily be made aware of the split between domains in a multi-domain transaction.

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