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Donuts Expects To Wind Up With About 200 New gTLD’s
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on February 4th,in a press release it issued today Donuts said it expected to win up operating around 200 new gTLD’s.

“”Donuts Inc., the world’s largest registry for new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs), marked the one-year anniversary of general availability of new Internet identities today, reporting that its 150 live gTLDs are home to more than 1.2 million registrations, accounting for nearly 1/3 of the 4 million total names registered across all new gTLDs.”

The company, which expects eventually to run approximately 200 gTLDs, said it currently operates eight of the top 25 and half of the top 50 new gTLDs by registration volume, including .GURU (80,584), .PHOTOGRAPHY (51,431), and .EMAIL (48,031).

Registrants are widely dispersed geographically:

United States customers 48%

Germany 12%

United Kingdom 11%.

Usage of new gTLDs has climbed steadily including a 52% increase in the number of new gTLD domain registrations ranked in the Alexa top one million most visited sites over the past quarter, according to CSC Digital Brand Services.

Brad D. Riggan of Liquid Media®, is quoted in the PR, an Oklahoma City-based multi-dimensional digital creative firm, who switched to the domain name Liquid.MEDIA because we wanted a domain name that represented the meaning of our company..This is a precise descriptor that tells our clients and potential clients what we do.”

Donuts recently launched .WORLD into general availability and tomorrow will make .ENERGY and .DELIVERY open to any registrant.

.COACH, .MEMORIAL, .LEGAL, .MONEY and .TIRES are now available exclusively to trademark holders and will open to all registrants later in March.

Analysts at investment bank B. Riley & Co. forecasted that new gTLD registrations could cross the 20 million mark by 2016.

Further demand will be addressed throughout 2015, when “contention sets”—gTLDs for which more than one registry applied, will be resolved.

These include .MUSIC, .SHOP, .ART and .APP, remaining contention sets that will likely be some of the most popular and well-used gTLDs.”

We assume the 200 Donuts operated new gTLD number is exclusive of the New gTLD’s that Rightside (NAME) will operate.

Donuts originally applied for 307 new gTLD’s string with 107 being owned in partnership with Rightside.

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