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This week’s new TLDs: .Space, Google’s .How and .RIP
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 28th,6 new top level domain names will be released on Wednesday.

A number of new top level domain names are being launched in general availability this week, all on Wednesday.

Radix’s .Space hits registrars’ shelves at a price of about $10. It’s a generic domain, but also conjures up the idea of your “space” online. Their site markets it as “A .space domain is for passionate and driven individuals and groups who want to carve out a personalized space online. It specially caters to freelancers, professionals, hobbyists and small business owners who want to showcase the panorama of their skills and commitment to their passion.”

BusinessRalliart releases the geo domain name .ryukyu, which is related to Okinawa. Expect to pay about $15 for domains in this extension.

Rightside releases two domain names: .band and .rip. I’m more bullish on .band, but I’m also interested in seeing the types of domains that are registered in .rip. Will they end up being mostly celebrity tribute sites? .Band domain names will cost you about $25-$30 retail, while .Rip domains are about $5 cheaper.

Here’s an interesting Chinese IDN: Chinese for “I Love You”, .我爱你.

Finally, Google launches the .how domain name this week. It will set you back about $30-$35 at many registrars. I don’t know how this domain will become popular, but you never know…

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