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I am David Clements with Sorry, I am English only. I hope that someone can make time to translate for me on

I have many references and I hope that I can get to know other domain investors and do some business on this forum.

I am the exclusive broker for the domain name This name is for sale with a Buy it now price of 2,000,000 USD. We feel that this price can be reached, but we are also accepting offers of 1,000,000 and above. (I already have 18 offers from 500,000 - 1,000,000 USD so nothing below 1,000,000 USD will be considered.)

This domain name has hit reserve and it is going to sell.


Beth from Persian Kitty is my client, you will learn about me that I can be trusted but if you would like to verify that I am the broker you may go to or you can go to whois and send the admin contact an email - I will get the email and respond then. Common word (verb and noun) and pingying.

Many also know that it was used for many, many years by  :-)

PK is a common word in South Korea, Hong Kong, and China. PK's use as a word went viral in popular culture on Super Girls, a popular Chinese game show.

Pakistan's ccTLD is .pk.

Acronyms: Player Kill, Player Killing, Product Knowledge, Primary Key, Public Key and Public Key Cryptography, Pre-Kindergarten, Penalty Kick, Pakistan, Peacekeepers, Package

It's also a movie, a television show, a novel, an Iranian automobile, a political party, and a machine gun

Wikipedia for PK in Simplified Chinese, English, German, Korean, and Japanese show extensive uses for the term.

We have a 22 page white paper on the international use of PK, both as a word and as an acronym. It is attached. Sorry, but that paper is also in English. I don't expect anyone to translate it but I wanted to be complete in describing this opportunity.

Please direct all offers, questions, and inquiries to:

David Clements
Skype: davidclements1
QQ: 3114696901

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