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Hello from David Clements - - USA - domain investor and broker
Hello Domain Forum of China,

My name is David Clements. I am sorry, but I am English only. I hope that someone will be willing to translate and for me so that I can get to know everyone here better.

I am a domain investor. I buy and sell domain names. I am also one of the largest domain brokers in the West. I have many references, but here is a little about me from a recent trade show description:

David Clements is founder and CEO of He’s a domain investor, broker, former invested partner in both TRAFFIC ccTLDs (Domain Conference) and Rick Latona Auctions as well as the former co-owner of David was the managing partner for all international shows for TRAFFIC ccTLDs (Amsterdam, Milan, Vancouver, and Dublin). He also personally reviewed every single domain submission and negotiated all agreements for Rick Latona Auctions. David has managed over 20 million USD in domain sales between the auction company and private brokerage. A few transactions he was involved with include (NSFW),,,,,,, and

I will make a few other posts today about specific domains that I have for sale, but I wanted to say "hello" first before making any other posts.

My public names are at I also do a lot of private brokerage and those names are not on the newsletter inventory.

The top name I have for sale at the moment is I will make another separate post about that one next.

Please PM me or email me with any questions or comments you may have.

Best regards,

David Clements
Skype: davidclements1
QQ: 3114696901

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