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1st Day New gTLD Totals: .World 5,081; .Degree 160; .Gives 158

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 15th,three new gTLD’s entered General Availability (GA) yesterday and after the first day, including all registration in the Sunrise period by trademark holders and including those domain names registered for an extra fee in the Early Access Program (EAP) here are the total number of registrations:

.World 5,081

.Degree 160

.Gives 158

We have already written twice about .World as we saw that .World was going to be a pretty hot extension coming out of the gate.

Donuts made quite a bit of money on .World in the Early Access Program making at least $45K in just EAP fees on just day 5 and getting at least 16 registrations on the 4th day of EAP generating another $10K or more and had around 780 domain names before GA.

.Degree and .Gives did not fair too well, getting just over 300 registrations for the new gTLD combined after their first day of GA.

.Degree has a retail rack rate price on Godaddy of just under $36 and .Gives just under $24.

Rightside (NAME) the registry for .Degree and .Gives will have to pay ICANN $50K in just minimum fees between the two extensions, so they will need to get around 2,000 domain registrations between those two just to cover the ICANN fees, assuming a wholesale price average of lets call it $25 between the two.

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