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New gTLD Domain Name Registrations Top 4 Million

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 15th,the number of domain names registered using a gTLD new domain name extension has topped over 4 million domain names according to

The official total according to is 4,010,951.

Not too much has changed since our post when the number of new gTLD domain name registrations passed 3.5 million million mark.

Over 350,000 of the 500,000 additional domain registrations have been added by the registry that is operating the IDN of .网址 which Translates to “website/net address” in simplified Chinese.

That IDN is now the 2nd most registered new domain extension.

We still think there are less than 3 million paid domain name registrations made by parties unrelated to the registries.

You can see our full analysis of the amount of paid, unrelated registrations here.

Five out of the top 10 new gTLD’s in terms of registration have a high percentage of free registrations while a 6th extension .Link has a high percentage of registration by a principal of of the registry.

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