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The Domain Name Indian.Me In Auction At Sedo Meets Reserve At Just $4,817,200

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 5th,the Domain name Indian.Me just hit its reserve price at auction at Sedo at $4,817,200.

The domain name which is in auction at, shockingly only has one bid which was placed just a little bit after the auction went live on Sedo.

There is still over 6 days and 14 hours to bid on this domain but you will have to bid at least $4,822,200 to have a chance to become the high bidder.

I know as a bidder on Sedo if you want to bid $10K ore more you need to be verified and then there is another verification level you have to go through if you want to bid over $100,000

Not sure what you have to do to be verified to bid over $4 Million but maybe Sedo should take a second look or may be we are going to see the highest domain sale of 2015 in another 6+ days.

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