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Christopher Hofman Asks Participants “What’s in the DNA of a Successful New gTLD?

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 4th, Christopher Hofman of did a big piece back in August where he got insight from several industry players on the new gtld program. He revisited these individuals with some new questions for the New Year. The primary theme was what is inherent or the DNA of a successful new gtld ?

From the article:

To help them on their way I asked these additional questions:

– Do successful new gTLDs share common traits ?
– Is there a way to spot the success of future launches in the registration stats?
– Why does .link get 50.000 registrations, when .direct only has 4.000 ?
– What is it about the success of .club or .guru that other registries might have missed?

The participants share a lot of their knowledge in this roundup. So if you want to understand better the new gTLD market you’re in for a treat. Personally I had several aha moments going through their analysis.

Here was how one participant answered the question of: “What is it about the success of .club or .guru that other registries might have missed?”

Andy Churley of Famous Four Media answered:

Can .Club truly be called a successful gTLD? Certainly it has reasonable registration volumes (at time of writing 156,000 names) compared with other gTLDs. These registrations were achieved through hard work and good marketing, but at what cost? With the larger registrars retailing .CLUB domain names at below $10, the total first year revenue (excluding premium domains) will be a maximum $1.5 million even if all registrars were selling at cost.

In order to obtain these hard won registrations, .CLUB has reportedly spent way over $5 million on marketing and will be spending an additional $3.5 million next year. There is no denying the quality and quantity of the marketing efforts expended by .CLUB to date, and as a marketer I applaud the professionalism of their campaigns. However, looking at these (admittedly speculative) figures, would a financial director consider .CLUB to be a successful business at the moment?

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