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What Is Going On With The Huge Increase In Registrars InThe Color New gTLDs?

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 4th,there has been a sudden and huge boost in domain registrations for all the color new gTLD’s extensions in the past few days, .Red, .Blue, .Pink each increasing around 25% from its previous totals

Each new domain extension that are operated by Afilias, have added thousands of registrations in the 2-3 days.

.Blue has added over 2,000 registrations in the last 2 days going from less than 7,000 registrations to just under 9,000.

.Red has added over 2,000 registrations going from under 18,000 to over 20,000 registrations.

.Pink added a little over 2K registrations as well going from 9,100 to over 11,2o0

It seems that almost all the domain names have been registered at GMO’s, which accounts for somewhere between 50%-70% of all the registrations for these new gTLD’s.

By the way for the .XYZ haters, the price of a .Pink domain registration advertised on the front page of is half the price of a .XYZ registration.

The domains being registered are awfully strange considering that in a world of only 10,000 domains registration there are plenty of great one word, numbered, three letter domains available and domains are being registered with hyphens even two hyphens and most of them seem nonsense.

Here is an example of just the domain names registered yesterday in .Pink all starting with the letter “A”:

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