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.XYZ Is The 1st New gTLD To Break 750,000 Registered Domains

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 17th, .XYZ has become the first new gTLD to break through the 750,000 mark for domain name registrations.

According to the .XYZ registry the number of registered domain names is 750,073

The 750,000th domain name to be registered was Chez.XYZ that was registered today at the domain name registrar

We at were the first to figure out that NetworkSolutions,  which is  part of the group (WWWW), were stuffing free .XYZ domain names into customer’s accounts when the extension first launched.

However the number of .XYZ domain names registered at Network Solutions currently sits at 376,612 and has been stalled at that level for a few months, so within a matter of  hours or days the percentage of .XYZ  domain name registered at Network Solutions will fall below 50%.

.XYZ is closing in on a legacy domain extension, .Mobi which sits around 830,000 registrations.

With the total number  of new gTLD registrations sitting around 3.5 Million that means that over 20% of all new gTLD registrations are .XYZ domain names.

You may love it or hate it but you can’t ignore it.

Even backing out all the “free” Network Solutions registrations .XYZ would have 350,000 registrations more than twice the number of domain names registrations under the second most registered new gTLD extension .Berlin (which also offered free registrations).

.XYZ didn’t launch until June 2nd of this year which is several months after the first new gTLD’s launched.

A lot of .XYZ registrations are coming from the Asian Market.

.XYZ has over 186,000 registrations from Xin Net in China and is featured on its home page.

The second most registered new gTLD after .XYZ  at Xin Net is .Wang with under 8,000 registrations

.XYZ is also featured on the home page of a large Japanese registrar which is owned and operated by GMO, group, has registered over 77,000 .XYZ domain names.

The next most registered new gTLD at is .Tokyo, with over 26,000 registrations.
Yes .XYZ is a very low priced, new gTLD extension, but there is obviously a market for it.

Congrats to .XYZ for hitting 750,000 domain name registrations.

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