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Big shot Uncle Hang spent 7 figures to shot
Uncle Hang got、、、、、 just a few days ,immediatly spent 7 figures to shot, I really admire Uncle Hang 's boldness of vision and courage,in fact,he hesitated to buy this domain name for a long time,because the price of is relatively higher than the same kind of two letter domains.

As it all know in demestic domain circles, Uncle Hang is absolutely a big shot, still holding a grandmothers domain in hand, if this domain name clinch a deal valence at present, at least 10 million dollars or more.In addition to such delicate domain name purchased from abroad,、、、 are holded by famous domain investors, the value of these domain names only comes out by accident will increase quickly in short time。 As a spectator, congratulate on their wisdom and courage.

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