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You must be curious about which intermediary platform dealed this type of exquisite domain, yes,it's, mainly engaged in digital domain overseas- purchasing famous in China domain market, has traded、、、、、、、、、、、 and so many too numerous to enumerate, lots of 3 numbers,single,double classic cases are also traeded through on their platform. is finally reached a eye-popping price at one million dollars compared with which is lower than that . To figure it out ,I personally find Liu XiaoShen the CEO Of to know more details. According to his description, why the price exceed one millon dollars because ranked in the former in the demestic navigation website, the other reason is that 3 number domain such as is very rare in circulation.

The most important thing must be reminded that and are not good for apperence, is not for sale, and are used for outside website, so the only one choice is, Liu XiaoShen said the price is confrom to market price, he bulish on the value of this domain and fell comfident that the price of will increaced quickly in 2015, digital domains has huge intreseted groups in China,especially rich chinese domain investors.

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