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Extensions Launching Today .Business, .Network, .Immo, .Auction, .Pizza

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 11th,Several new gTLD’s go into general availability today where they can be registered on a first come first serve basis and many have quite a few registrations after its Sunrise period which was for trademark holders and those who paid an extra fee to register the domain during the Early Access Period (EAP)

.Business has 506 registrations which is more registrations that 17 fully launched, new gTLD’s have.

.Network is close behind with 487 Sunrise and EAP registrations.

.Network is very interesting, as its the word which .Net, one of the six original domain extension, represents the word Network. .

.Net was launched in January 1985 and there are over 15 Million .Net domain names registered.

If you have a .Net do you need a .Network? or on the flip-side will a site that uses a .Network lose traffic to the .Net? It could be we will see a lot more activity in the .Net aftermarket in the coming years as companies that acquire and build out on a .Network domain names, feels it needs to get the matching .Net.

.Immo which represents the word real estate or property agent thereof in French (immobilier), German (Immobilien), and Italian (immobili), has 399 Sunrise and EAP registrations

.Software has 378 Sunrise and Early Access Registrations.

.Auction has 331 Sunrise and Early Access Registrations

.Pizza only has 127 Sunrise and Early Access Registrations.

We will have the 1st day totals for you tomorrow.

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