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Da Fei purchased and while changed new master.
News from on Wednesday,December,2014.

Famous domain investor Da Fei Who came from the northeast, purchased and at high price today. has severval great meanings ,such as " traffic(流量)“,"chat(聊聊)”,“browse(浏览)“ suitable for traffic league website. can be spelled as "taste(口味)”,“publication(刊物)”,and ”快玩“,useful for many items of internet.

Da Fei is a big shot in domain investment, who collected lots of best-quality domains .If you want to know more details please landing

Do anybody remember? is acquired at RMB450,000 not long before few months ago, the original who is also a big shot from hangzhou city,called walking-chicken, has put the double spelling in the bag.He bought the domain for two reasons, one for the great prospect of pharmaceuticals indusrty, the other is bacause his wife is a doctor.
It seems that all big shots to buy high price domain names , along with a warm-hearted love story

Tian bing who came from shenzhen city ,purchased 4 words double spelling domain, "green rice(绿米)”,as is knowns to all ,red-rice is a famous brand under the Millet company,maybe Leijun could push green mobile phone out in future,by that time the domain will be invaluable, and I also remenber that taotao had sold before.

You Mu conclude a business for at the Max 5, is completely agree with the raise which had carried a craze at present, he also hold some high-quality domains such as, in the hand.If you are interestd about it ,please contact me.

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