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Negari of .XYZ On Bloomberg TV On Dominance of .Com: “I Think It’s Over”
THURSDAY,13 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 13th,Daniel Negari the CEO of the .XYZ registry was interviewed on Bloomberg Television today during the Bloomberg West show.

.XYZ has been in the headline since Google announcement of the formation of its parent company Alphabet which would be using the domain name

The co-host of the Bloomberg West show asked the following question:

There are now a Lot of choice for a domain name.

We know that .Com is king, how long will that last?


“I think its over”

Negari went on to say .XYZ was adding on average 3K registrations a day before the announcement, and confirmed what we reported earlier that .XYZ had 20,000 domain registrations in the two days following the Google announcement.

“XYZ is the future.

The alphabet ends in XYZ and so should domain names.

You can watch the interview here, unfortunately its a Yahoo feed so you will have to suffer through a 30 second commercial to watch the interview.

Not too much in the domain space is hotter this week than .XYZ.

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