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THURSDAY,30 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 30th, (ROTD) will be conducting a Premium Online Domain Auction in cooperation with the leading Chinese Domain auction company 4.CN and in association with which will be held in Macau China, September 4th through 7th, 2015.

ROTD has officially opened up submissions for the auction which will run from September 2 through September 10th catered to the Chinese and Western end user, corporate and domain investor markets.

The Auction will be online only since the conference is being held during the Labor Day holiday in the United States and we wanted to make sure that those in the US didn’t miss out.

The online auction will be on 4.CN platform, which has done millions of dollars in domain name sales.

Obviously we are gearing submission for a Chinese audience so we are looking for,,, domain names (without vowels), and’s and words that have relevancy and meaning in the Chinese markets.

We are focusing on very premium names and some new gTLD’s in the mix but from registries.

As you might have seen over the weekend the domain name sold for $480,000 on was a dropped domain so it had no reserve when it entered into a closed auction of just 221 people and was into the six figures in just hours after the auction launched, so we don’t need nor will we accept retail prices as reserves.

We need great domains at attractive prices to encourage bidding.

Not retail pricing.

Believe me a great three number domain or domain isn’t going to go cheap regardless of reserve.

If was privately owned and had a $500K reserve it may not have even gotten a bid.

Reserves prices, as they always have played a big role in the decision of what domain names will be accepted into the auction and more importantly sell in the auction.

You have to believe in the market and the value of your domain.

The 4.CN platform will be in English as well as Chinese and bidding will be available in USD and RMB (Chinese Yuan).

All transactions will be cleared through which is a worldwide escrow company.

Submit no more than 50 domain names that meet the above criteria to

As you can see we are just about 6 weeks out to the end of the auction so we are going to be making decisions quickly on what domains will be accepted to the auction.

The conference is on pace to have 150+ signups

DOMAINfest .asia will be held at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Macau and will feature Keynotes by Jeff Sass of .Club and Gregg MacNair

Speakers include (with more expected)

Monte Cahn of

Tessa Holcomb of

Michael Gilmour of

Edmon Chung, CEO of .ASIA

Simon Cousins, CEO of Allegravita

Jothan Frakes, co-founder of NamesCon and DOMAINfest

Some of the sponsors of DOMAINfest.Asia are:

Neustar / .CO






You can sign up for the conference using the Special Discount Coupon for readers: THEDOMAINS-40 by clicking here

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