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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 14th,welcome to the latest installment of domain name movers that are mainly all associated with domains acquired by large companies for future products, services and brands. As always, these are mainly all very early discoveries.

Amazon Technologies Inc. which has a payment service called Amazon Simple Pay (ASP) is discontinuing the service on June 1, 2015.

Interesting to note, Simple Payments Corp acquired the domain name between 10/31/2014 to 1/25/2015 when the domain went into privacy protection at on the latter date according to whois records. The domain name was owned by Tucows YummyNames. The domain was using until 10/31/2014, and is showing the current website as of 12/22/2014. DomainNameSales reported the sale on 2/8/2015 for $25,800. has been acquired with the help of Comlaude for a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. as well. which was owned by The Dow Chemical Company, a MarkMonitor client, simply allowed the domain name to expire after being registered since 1996. The domain name dropped/released from the registry and was grabbed by on April 5, 2015.

Johnson & Johnson has acquired the domain name

Netflix, Inc. registered the domain name to add to its 900+ domain names.

Time Inc. has registered the domain name

Bridgestone Americas, Inc. registered the domain name

Galderma SA has acquired the domain name The domain name has been registered since 2008 and was under privacy protection prior but came out of privacy on 1/7/2015 with Alexander Zinovjev of Russia as the owner and by 3/27/2015 showing Galderma as the owners. The domain has since transferred into domain registrar CSC Corporate Domains. Excipial is skincare products by Galderma. has been acquired by DJO Global. The transaction actually took place back on June 17, 2013 but name servers were just updated now. The domain name was using at the time of the transaction. has been acquired from by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client. The domain has been registered since 2007. The domain had a $1,988 listing price.

Showtime Networks Inc. has registered the domain name has been acquired by Verizon. The domain appeared to expire according to whois history records back on January 7, 2014. The domain sold, likely in an expired GoDaddy Auction for $7,500 with that being reported April 6, 2014. The domain transferred to after that and was owned by a Aj Singh. The domain has since went into whois privacy on January 5, 2015. The domain then switched to a mix domain name server containing MarkMonitor and servers. The domain now resolves to “The Numbers Don’t Lie” and fiber optics Fios website for Verizon. I have reached out to Aj for confirmation of the sale and to see if he can share any details but I have yet to hear back at time of posting.

General Motors LLC has registered 3 similar domain names and those include:, and has changed ownership according to whois records. The domain name was registered at GoDaddy under privacy for many years and transferred to CSC Corporate Domains on 4/2/2015. which sold at Sedo and had a $1,910 listing price was purchased by a currently unknown CSC Corporate Domains client. Bauer Hockey Inc. are potential buyers, as they are a CSC client and they are also running “Own The Moment” ads and using the hashtag #ownthemoment.

Microsoft continues with its “js” domain name registrations which started with and now continues with,,,,, and They also registered the .net domains with each.

Microsoft has also acquired and and .org were registered on 1/19/2015. Microsoft announce HoloLens on January 21, 2015.

PepsiCo, Inc has become the owners of according to whois records. Complex Media Inc. were the past registrants in whois and appears that Pepsi was working with Complex in some fashion as the domain resolved to the current website. Complex acquired the domain name on 10/23/2014 from Green Label Organic: Sustainable Threads, LLC which had a website on the domain at that time. It appears that Pepsi started the project on the domain name, the hyphen version of the domain. That domain now redirects to

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), using domain registrar CSC Corporate Domains services acquired the domain name on the drop when grabbed the domain. The .com is under whois privacy and is at Network Solutions and is not owned by IBM.

IBM also acquired the domain name which was registered with under whois privacy and listed for sale on The domain was acquired on 2/6/2015. also appears to have been grabbed on the drop, on 1/29/2015 and is now owned by IBM. was registered on 12/18/2014 by CSC / IBM after it expired in late 2012.

So currently, the most important .com is not owned by IBM and nor is the .info. IBM Watson is a cognitive system enabling a new partnership between people and computers.

Amazon Technologies Inc. registered the domain names,,, and They continued registering with,, and They also registered

Abbott Laboratories has registered the domain name

VIRTUAL REAL / Oliver Hoger has acquired the domain name from The Readers Digest Association, Inc. Operations Inc. has revealed that they own the domain name The domain name has long been under whois privacy and the website on the domain name has been the way it is for many years.

Streamlight Inc has acquired the premium generic domain name from Flashlights Inc. / Bill French. Bill had a message on that the company has since retired. A January 25, 2014 message on the website stated the Flashlights Inc was going out of business. Flashlights Inc. was an authorized stocking distributor of Streamlight products. Very nice generic product domain and a wise acquisition by Streamlight Inc.

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