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If You Want One More Its At $30K At With a Day To Go

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 9th, Boca Raton’s own Ariana Grande has been burning up the music charts with the song “Problem” for most of the year.

If you have been living off the grid and haven’t’ heard the song or worse if you haven’t watched the video here is a little early Christmas present.

Anyway on the domain name front, is at auction at

The domain name auction closes tomorrow and bidding has already topped $30K with 224 bidders.

The good news is the domain auction is public so you can still join it even if you didn’t backorder the domain by clicking here.

The bad news is even at $30k the domain name hasn’t hit reserve.

For the record we don’t own the domain, we are not going to bid on the domain and have no financial interest if the domain sells or not, didn’t ask us to write about it and there is no check in the mail coming to us in any way shape or form.

I certainly would have one less problem if I didn’t have to disclose every time the fact that I have no financial interest in everything I write about but then what fun would that be?

Besides I had to work the line into the story anyway

On the other hand, Ariana or Iggy, we are more than happy to get any swag you want to throw our way.

Yes a Shameless plug.
Super request. See this:

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