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THURSDAY,25 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on June 25th,Blain Reinkensmeyer wrote a blog post on that they have acquired and will be moving the site to that domain name. He also gave a number on Apparently that domain was acquired for $185,000 in 2011.

When I purchased the domain in 2007, I had no idea what the future held. I loved the market, I had a new found love for “blogging”, and I decided to see where it would lead me.

Eight years later StockTradingToGo has seen over three million unique visitors and over eight million pageviews spanning nearly every country on the planet. Pretty wild.

StockTradingToGo traffic since inception

So, when the opportunity to acquire last fall came about, I knew I had to go for it. While the domain didn’t cost $185,000 like we purchased in 2011, it was still a serious investment.

After months planning and preparation, we are ready to make the move to

Jamie Zoch spotted an interesting blurb from the owner on why they made the move:

“StockTradingToGo was a great domain and brand, however it had its weaknesses. First, it is four words which makes it hard to remember. Second, along the same lines as the first, total characters is 16 which is a bit long.
Third and most importantly, our parent company Reink Media Group loves premium brandable domains, already owning,, and Even with the high cost, there was simply no way we could pass up the opportunity to upgrade StockTradingToGo to such a terrific name.