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A look at’s revenue growth - AmayTian - 04-28-2015


According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 28th,Company’s topline is up over 50% in past five years.

Australian company has acquired for US $7.5M. This is 6.25x’s 2014 EBITDA.

The transaction reveals, for the first time,’s growth in recent years. The company’s 2014 revenue was nearly 55% higher than 2010, representing a 9.1% CAGR since then.

2010: $3.269 million
2011: $4.125 million
2012: $4.646 million
2013: $4.798 million
2014: $5.048 million

Keep in mind this only represents’s small take on each transaction. Last year it handled $265 million in transactions, so its revenue was just under 2% of this. EBITA last year was $1.2 million, showing the cost of providing escrow services. I understand that the company spends a significant amount of money on compliance and licensing.

81% of’s business includes at least one party from the United States, and 41% of transactions involve two parties in the U.S. will remain a separate company based in California.