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Last week’s NameJet Expired Domain Sales - AmayTian - 03-04-2015


According to the news from Domain Forum of China on March 4th,Joseph Peterson details recent expired domain name sales at NameJet.

After a couple of weeks during which Chinese purchases topped the expired domain auction list at NameJet, English is back. In the driver’s seat sits an exact-match domain that defines a ubiquitous commercial category: ($4.9k). ($2.8k) called shotgun – an EMD as well yet geographically specific. Although this duo was fairly expensive, both are ultimately worth more. You can’t walk 1 city block in Chicago without passing a printed sign or a divorcé(e).

Some day, ($2.6k) might be to blame for a few of those divorces! And you’ll need that lawyer to hold onto your ($2k). Somebody out there can use these very domains to spell out his life story, beginning with excessive use of ($2.1k) in the 1980s.

Actually, this week’s chart is a tour de force when it comes to various kinds of “category killer” domains. From generic retail products small enough to ship or stack on a shelf … to real estate for a whole county. From omnipresent industries … to local professions. From tools like ($1.7k) to tourist destinations like ($1.6k). Different as they are, they all describe what they are exactly and (but for that hyphen) definitively.

Domain Name

End $

Domain Name

End $ 4900 2755 2600 2410 2401 2200 2075 1988 1700 1605 1588 Performance 1405 1305 1303 1225 1133 1125 1110 1015 801 710 680 676 666 631 630 630 600 520 475 411 410 410 401 390 386 380 370 370 365 365 341 310 HomeAlarm 310 308 307 302 234 231 210 189 151
SwimmingPool 139 110 109 109 83 OnlineBest 69 ($1.2k) means “south” in Spanish; it’s a preposition in French; a city in Oman; Big Sur is a Californian city; there is a Sur restaurant and a Sur lounge; and, of course, we have no end of acronym possibilities. ($151) may apply to a code library at

As popular as golf is worldwide, the interest in ($1.3k) is not surprising. Other athletic domains include ($1.4k), ($370), and ($210). ($1.1k) isn’t the best “Ser”. In fact, this Turkish word meaning “free” or “liberal” is tied to the “Liberal / Free Republican Party” – the Serbest Cumhuriyet Fırkası. ($1.1k) is a surname that has lent itself to a few websites and corporations. Although ($801) suggests a town name, it’s more likely an upgrade for some business – Parkvale Capital over at, for instance. ($411) slipped by almost unnoticed. Perhaps people sitting in front of their computers all day were bored by more sitting; and they may have failed to realize how much money flows into baby sitting, house sitting, and pet sitting. Speaking of pets, I quite liked ($386).

If fellow cynics want a neat summation of cultural priorities, here you go: ($410) < ($680).