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My Top Picks From The Extended Auction From Namescon - AmayTian - 02-04-2015

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on February 4th,the extended auction from the Namescom conference is running on and closed out on Thursday at 3:15pm EST according to the normal closing rules for

As of publication 19 domain names have bids.

Here are my favorite domain names in the auction; Those I think are the best buys:

Its a category killer

A Huge category with 10,200,000 results on Google for the term.

This is a developed website and all content is available for purchase as well.

The domain has an Alexa worldwide ranking of 1.3 Million and a Google Page Rank of 4

There are several new gTLD’s with over 10,000 registrations that could be sub domains off of including .photography which is the 11th most registered new gTLD with over 50,000 domain registrations; .Photos which has almost 18,000 registrations; .Photo which has over 13,000 registrations and .pics which has over 6,500 registrations.

So that is a total of almost 90,000 new gTLD’s domain names registered in that vertical.

All and all.Photographers is one of the best buys in the extended auction, actually a steal.

Three numbered .Com domain names (’s)

We sold for $800,000 this year.

Today we wrote about another, which sold for what we are pretty sure was in well into the 7 figures if not the 8 figures.

The extended auction has three 3 numbered .Com ( for sale in the reserve range of $500K or under is for sale with a reserve price between $250K-$500K, which I promise you is at no more than 10% of the sales price of if not less. is a developed website in China. has a bid of $200,000 and is another rare three numbered .Com domain

There are only 999 three numbered .com’s on earth and there are 3 of them in the extended auction.

We wrote about and before the Live Namescon auction. After doing some research to write the post I went into the live auction with a $100K budget to buy the domain name which I won for $90K.

After the auction I chatted with the Auctioner Wayne Wheat who told me he frequently did high end Car Auctions and that people in that space walked around with more than $90K cash in their pocket. He told me anytime I wanted to sell the domain for a million to let him know and it wouldn’t take long to sell it to one of the people in the space.

I’m going to wait out the capital gains holding period before taking Wayne up on his offer.

However Wayne went on to tell me he LOVED the domain, as someone who personally sold over $2 BILLION dollars in real estate auctions he thought the domain, was the best and biggest bargain on the board. Its priced close to what the singular sold for over 6 years ago.

Its a no-brainer

Why don’t I buy it?

I might

I talked myself into buying just researching the topic. Wayne may have talked me into buying and should have talked you into it. Certainly can be rolled into a public company.

One word .Com’s

If you’re looking for some other killer one word .com look no further than,,,,,,,,, ,,, and is a seven figure domain, sold in the seven figures, is a fraction of the price, in the five figures

These one word meaningful .Com domains are on fire.

New gTLD’s sold for $140K at the Live auction at Namescon. and sold in the $xx,xxx range.

In the extended auction there are domain names like, and Chess.Club are about as brandable as they get and all have reserves in the $x,xxx range

Single letters like and X.Global are featured.;;;;;;; collector(s).auction; Forex.Guide; Drone.Camera; Escrow.Company; Selfies.Photos, Truck.Guide just to name a few.


With all the hype of the new gTLD’s the total number of registration are around 4 million.

Sitting at 15 Million registrations is .Net and there are some great one’s sold for $350,000 before the live auction even started when someone jumped the gun and paid $50,000 over reserve to take the domain out of the auction. is for sale with a reserve range of $25K-$50K or around 10% of the .Com sales price. just sold for reportedly over $5 Million dollars and sitting there at a price range of less than 5% of that amount is (range $100K-$250K)

There are over 200 domain names in the extended auction that were not in the live auction and there are a lot of no and low reserve domain names as well.

These are just my favorites.