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MONDAY,26 January 2015 THE DOMAINS
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 26th, Joseph Peterson runs down the latest expired domain name sales at NameJet.

If you’re as un-with-it as uncool me, then you’ll look at the $29.1k high bid for and say, “Huh?” Apparently, selfie sticks are rods that attach to a camera phone so that you can hold it far enough away to take a picture of yourself and the grinning people next to you. Asking a stranger to snap a photo please wasn’t that onerous, was it? Trends move fast. Already the market for these devices generated a domain bidding war, while WordPress continues to identify “selfie” as a typo!

That wasn’t the only high-priced auction at NameJet during the past week; 3 other domains expired and surpassed $10k. – yes, .NET – went for $10.1k, and it seems to be purely a case of brand protection / cybersquatting with reference to the 96th biggest website in Turkey (according to Alexa).

As if that’s not depressing enough, another $10.1k sale was, which the feds seized back in 2005 as part of a child pornography case that led to jail time for the domain’s former owner (according to Apparently inbound traffic remains high a decade later, and some web masters aren’t fussy about making money from those old customers. If there’s a less cynical explanation for those bids, I’m all ears.

A third $10k sale,, could be for a NYC restaurant – provided it’s worth $10k for a local restaurant to drop the word “restaurant” from its .COM address … which I doubt. There’s an Optical Imaging Association at the .ORG too. But with acronyms, buyers often come out of left field.

Domain Name

End $

Domain Name

End $ 29100 10100 10100 10000 7200 6500 5201 4309 4200 Mandarin 4005 3000 2950 2950 2655 2425 2322 2322 2210 2166 2157 2101 2100 2010 2000 1655 AirCraft 1409
Marketing 1322 Marketing 1201 1100 1010 1001 Vitamin 959 850 845 810 806 800 790 736 711 709 654 625 514 510 505
NewMedia 460 453 451 TiempoCyber 430 425 HorseBetting 421 421 415 360 355 338 320
PeaceDividend 310 Photography- 298
MaineRealEstate 291 290 268 260
LowRateHome 259 WebMaster 250 230 210 199 195 193 190 190 190 189 171 170 141 129 126 119 111 109 106 89 HowToGetRid 80 80 79
TopRetirement 79 69

This NameJet list is longer than usual to compensate for GoDaddy’s absence. I haven’t decided yet whether to resume reporting GoDaddy sales, although I have been collecting data. The expired domain market is so active that even results from just one venue among many are too many to discuss in full. ($4k) is a notable item. After all, that is the world’s #1 language with nearly 3 times as many native speakers as English; and it’s the dominant language of the world’s biggest economy. Nothing to sneeze at! ($4.2k) would be French for “offices”, “desks”, or perhaps “agencies”. ($1.7k) are French lamps. ($2.2k) is Spanish and Portuguese for both the adjective “voluntary” and the noun “volunteer”. ($7.2k) is a typical case of multiple longer domains intersecting in a single brand name. I catalogued half a dozen such cases last week more explicitly. And it’s safe to assume that several auctions charted above are due to similar circumstances (i.e. shared brand names). Several websites ought to upgrade to ($3k) – for instance, the woefully cumbersome ($625) may literally be about nets. A global company doing business from the matching .IS makes trawls. The fact that a singular sold for $2.4k shows how much value there is in exact-match e-commerce terms. Undervalued domains might include ($69) and ($268).

Finally, I’m heartened to learn that somebody will now be keeping tabs on all the nefarious nerds out there with ($806)!