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Pssst…Rightside released its name collision domain names - AmayTian - 01-21-2015

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 21th, many good domains on the list, but be prepared to pay a premium.

While you were partying in Las Vegas at NamesCon last week, Rightside released its name collision domain names to the public.

Sort of…

As a bit of background, name collision domain names are ones that new top level domain operators had to hold back from registration at launch. The list includes domain names that, during a somewhat random window of time in history, received traffic. ICANN required the domain names to be held back for a period of time to make sure they didn’t cause technical issues.

On January 14, Rightside pulled the block off its name collision domain names, meaning they can now be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

I spent a bit of time this afternoon going through the collision lists for .attorney, .reviews, .pub, .dentist, .mortgage and .software to see what domains have become available. There are some great second level domains under these TLDs that were on the block list:,,,,, etc.

Yet the dozens I checked all either had premium prices or were held back by the registry for later sale.

Rightside had a data-intensive approach to determining which domains were priced at a premium. They put a lot more data and time into it than I can, and it’s unlikely they missed any true gems.

My recommendation: if you have lots of knowledge related to any of Rightside’s TLDs, or if you have your own data-intensive approach to mining domains, take a look through their name collision lists. Occasionally, you can find something good that was overlooked.

I’ve personally registered one domain name that was previously on a collision list: