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Full Version: “.我爱你”Domains are about to Enter Landrush period
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 4th, NiceNIC.NET thinks that “.我爱你”(I love you) domains have lofty status and are very influential both at home and abroad. Some people say “.我爱你” may turn out to be the most meaningful Chinese character domain names this year! “.我爱你” domains are very suitable for a love dedicated website for delivering love no matter to lover, parents, teachers, or to anyone who you love. NiceNIC.NET especially launches “Register domains, give websites as presents” activities, which means as long as you register a “.我爱你” domain on NiceNIC.NET, you can obtain a .我爱你 website for free.
“.我爱你” domains’ time schedule:

“.我爱你” will enter Sunrise period during October 6th-December 15th and then come to Landrush period after December 15th, with no auction so you can register directly, on a first come, first served basis until the official open signups on 29th, January 2015.