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Full Version: L.GL - real 1-letter palindrome at Flippa
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Very rare beautiful domain for sale at Flippa auction:


- 1-letter short
- world shortest format 1-letter ccTLD
- palindrome type = reads the same from both sides

GL can relate to "GLobal", "Good Luck", Graphic Lib.(software) and many more.

GL is the ccTLD of Greenland, a high income/GDP country. Renewal prices are about 40 USD (with VAT) what makes this domain also perfect as long time investment.

only few days left - price still so low
Less than 4 days left! And price is still extremely attractive low for such a domain. Auction here:

.GL doamins can reach big prices. C.GL sold at 85000 USD this year.

and here some newest 1-char sales this days:
C.AT - 59000 $
1.AT - 27000 $
Only 3 days! Reduced reserve by 1000$!
Auction ends in 1 day. I reduced the reserve price again strongly! http://L.GL