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Full Version: is up for auction - 2 days left
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Great investment for this liquid Chinese premium domain with lucky number 88 at the end, a symbol for business success and wealth.

88 - Lucky double 88 prosperity' and wealthy or "you will grow to success."

Perfect for domain investors. If you win auction for low 490 GBP you may be able to sell high $1900+ over 3 months, because of similar domain name was sold for $1980 USD at GoDaddy auction on 26th Jan 2016.

Prediction for Chinese 6N domain value will go higher this year, due to stronger demand from China..

So, can be a great investment with maximum return in short period of time.

Chinese Friends Say:

88 - 'double prosperity' or "you will grow to success."

7 - Togetherness

Recent Market Sales: - $1676 USD - 2016 - $1980 USD - 2016 - $1901 USD - 2016 - $1300 USD - 2015
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