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Full Version: Google Didn’t Even Contact BMW To Offer To Buy
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THURSDAY,13 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 13th,it seems that Google did not even contact BMW, that owns the domain name, to see if they would sell it before going with

The article quotes a spokesman at BMW, who said “that the automaker was not informed ahead of time of plans by Page and Brin to create a company called Alphabet and had not received any offers to buy the Internet domain or the trademark”.

Beyond BMW’s trademark issue with Google there are plenty of other Company’s using the term Alphabet:

“On Wall Street, there is an Alphabet Funds. Lots of midsize and small companies also use the name Alphabet. There is an Alphabet Energy in Hayward, Calif.; an Alphabet Record Co. in Austin, Texas; an Alphabet Plumbing in Prescott, Ariz.; and many preschools, inns and restaurants with some variation of the name.

“It’s quite flattering really,” said Steve Lockwood, the company secretary of Alphabet, a small recruitment and outsourcing firm in London. “We probably won’t put it on the agenda to sue them over it, but if they want to make us a very generous offer for our domain names, we’ll certainly consider it.”

“We do all of our business online, and Google could really affect us,” said Jennifer Blakeley, who in 2008 registered Alphabet Photography as an online retail store selling printed photos of buildings and natural formations that look like letters.

The story quotes Jason Adler, founder and chief executive of Alphabet Funds, a group of hedge funds in New York, who said he already tried to buy but was unsuccessful.

“I’m getting blown up from all my investors and my friends they are sending me emails, all of them, and every one of them says the same thing: ‘Google took your name.’”

Adler founded Alphabet in 2007, and today it includes three hedge funds and is raising its first venture capital fund.