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Full Version: Best Headline For New gTLD’s: “Thanks to Google’s Alphabet“
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WEDNESDAY,12 AUGUST 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on August 12th, just published a story which maybe the best headline ever for the new gTLD lovers and supporters:

“Thanks to Google’s Alphabet, .XYZ Will End .Com Dominance”

That as Taylor Swift would say is the best headline “like ever, ever” for a new gTLD


Ponder on that one for a while.

Ok I will give you a few.

The rest of the story goes on to chat about Daniel Negari who sold his last name .com address for $1,800 on Namejet just today and operates .XYZ.

However the front page of has 3 articles about Alphabet and/or

The story doesn’t really give any details or support for its headline and there is not anything new in the story that we haven’t covered for years here at  but the headline is still  pretty amazing.