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Full Version: The shortest domains in the world (G.NF, H.NF ...)
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For sale - 4 of the shortest domains in the world - very rare domain type. Real 1 letter short country code domains:


This shortest domain format is extremly rare. Only some countries allow that short domains and each country can only have 26 latin-1 charset 1-letter domains. Many domains are swiped by big investors.

lowered price by more than 1000$ - BIN price / domain = 1699 USD !
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Here the actualized offer:
Only less than 24 hours left for the Weekend Special!

This domains are real treasures. I suppose there are less than 500 people or organizations on the whole planet who own one of this shortest possible ccTLD format domains. Since each country can only offer 26 such Latin-1 charset domains and only few countries allow a registration. A very exclusive asset that is rare and hard to get cheap.

still taking offers. Possible meaning for NF : NewsFeed - perfect short format domain, Newfoundland (Canada), Nordfriesland (Germany)
Weekend Special - lowered prices :
(08-01-2015, 10:57 AM)mspecialists Wrote: [ -> ]Weekend Special - lowered prices :

See this prices!!! Use the Weekend Special Smile
Here some of the highest sales of 1-character domains this year: - Colombia - 115000 USD - Laos - 19900 USD - Iceland - 14700 USD
Still taking offers
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