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Full Version: .News Gets At Least 45 Registrations On Day 1 Of EAP At $10K+
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FRIDAY,10 JULY 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on July 10th,looks like the new gTLD .News is going to be a big winner for Rightside (NAME).

The 1st day of the Early Access Program is about to close at 1pm EST today where people could get first shot at registering domain names at a wholesale cost of $10,000 per (retail price varies by registrar, plus any premium registration cost, if any).

As of the last zone file update we found 45 domain names that were registered yesterday July 8th, the 1st day of EAP.

Interestedly almost all the domain name registered were Geographic in nature and for Latin America with a heavy influence for cities and regions in Mexico.

I guess it would be a good assumption that Donald Trump was not a big buyer yesterday (yes I had to go there).

For me there are only a few domains possibly worthy of that type of investment most notably, but people want what they want.

Remember country domains are not allowed so for example is not possible.

General Availability for .news starts next Wednesday July 15th

Here is the list we found for registrations made on July 8th: