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Full Version: Domain Movers:,, and Many More Domains
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Here we go with the latest installment of Domain Movers, where I detect domain names that have been recently acquired mostly by large corporations or domains simply moving by large companies.

These are often early detections, so this information may relate to new brands, services, products, companies etc. Here we go!

The Boeing Company has registered the domain name . The domain name was registered before in 2009 but hasn’t been since. has been sold by Zodiac International who own and use as there main domain name. The transaction has just taken place. The domain name has been acquired by 365 Information Technology Co.,Ltd of China according to whois records.

Avant Credit Corporation has acquired the domain name according to whois records. They show up in whois records on May 6, 2015 after the domain name came out of privacy protection. The domain name was parked prior and had a click here to purchase header message. Avant also acquired the domain name on April 12, 2015 as I reported earlier.

Google Inc. which acquired the company Appurity which is a mobile testing platform on June 25, 2014 has taken ownership of the domain name according to whois records.

Amazon Technologies, Inc. has registered the domain name . They do not own currently but it is listed for sale.

DreamWorks II Distribution Co LLC has registered the domain name | .org . The .com was registered on August 19, 2014 and is under whois privacy at GoDaddy and is potentially already owned by DreamWorks.

Verizon Trademark Services LLC has registered the domain name . Sony owns the domain name

Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd continues its massive push into the LLL .com market with impressive numbers daily in acquiring and selling them! The acquired and then appear to have sold it and then they appear back in whois again.

They acquired from Future Media Architects and also acquired the following,,,, (Gold) and

They sold,,, and has transferred ownership from Baby Jogger LLC to Berol Corporation. Newell Rubbermaid made the announcement on December 1, 2014 that they were acquiring Baby Jogger. The purchase price was about $210 Million.

Kraft Foods Group, Inc. which owned the domain name but it has now transferred to the domain registrar Tierranet inc and under whois privacy. The domain name is now resolving to and the Liquid Chill product line, which is a synthetic engine coolant. The domain was created October 23, 2003 and Kraft has owned it since at least 2007, which is the last whois history record.

Miley Cyrus has launched the Happy Hippies Foundation and is using the domain name, a domain that was registered on September 17, 2014 and is under whois privacy protection at GoDaddy.

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc. has registered the domain name

Symantec registered the domain name at GoDaddy on January 16, 2015 and has since set DNS to CSC Corporate domains.

Target Brands, Inc. has acquired the domain name according to whois records. The domain name has been registered since August 3, 2008 and was owned by a Yang Kyung Won of Korea. The domain name was listed for sale with at the change of registrants.

Disney Enterprises, Inc. has registered a handful of new domain names and those,,, and has been acquired by startup Robinhood Markets, Inc. who was using from AudrinC, Ltd. with the transaction taking place on January 27, 2014. Robinhood offers zero fee stock trading.

Bundl Technologies Private Limited which is a startup that received a $15M Series A funding round recently has acquired the domain name, which was for sale using The startup launched on The transaction took place according to whois records around January 25, 2015. has been sold at Sedo and was owned by Frank Schillings Name Administration Inc. is a potential buyer as they are a new startup and received $2.5M in funding recently.

CDK Global, LLC. ( has acquired the domain name . The domain was parked with Afternic and was owned by a Phillip Davis. According to whois records, the transaction took place about May 7, 2015. has been acquired by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client with whois records displaying DNStination Inc. . The domain had been long owned by Helix Hair Company and has been registered since October 17, 1998. has been acquired by Intuit Inc. with the help of MarkMonitor. The domain name was owned by AB Advertising, LLC and has been registered since September 17, 1998.

Hangzhou Duomai E-Commerce Co.,Ltd has sold the domain name to They also acquired the domain names, and

Vonage Marketing LLC registered several new domain names and those were: /.net,, and has changed ownership according to whois records. The domain was owned by MegaValue Inc and has changed to basically general whois data at NetNames under “Dave Thomas” which is NetNames domain manager. /.biz / .us have also been secured.

Kimberly Clark Corporation which registered the domain name on January 26, 2015 is now redirecting the domain name to a Tumblr page for the Kotex brand using the hashtag #BringComfyBack and is a contest. has been sold by Vertical Axis and was acquired by a QiuFen

GoDaddy has sold the domain name which was one of two 3 letter .com domains in the Marchex domain portfolio they recently acquired. zhangyao of were the buyers. The transaction took place at Afternic.

A&E Television Networks, LLC registered the domain name

AEG ( has registered the domain name . This appears to be connected to the comedian Jim Jefferies as AEG Live announced the Freedumb tour in March 2015 with the tour kicking off May 27, 2015.

FYI, it is always best to register the domain name, then publicly announce and not wait a couple days prior to the event starting to secure the domain name. was hand registered by Hugh Jackman’s (actor) company Pure Growth Group on August 28, 2014 at for a new line of sunscreen. They also registered the .net / .org / .info and .biz domains.

MasterClass Productions, Inc. has sold the domain name to a new startup MasterClass LLC. The transaction took place on August 5, 2014 when the domain transferred from Network Solutions to GoDaddy. offers lessons from high profile people, like Dustin Hoffman offering acting lesson and Serena Williams teaching tennis.