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Full Version: What is Your Most Valuable Domain Name?
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Last week, I asked people to share their favorite domain name. At the time of publication, the article had just shy of 300 comments. Many of the comments offered feedback about submitted domain names, but the majority were comments with people’s favorite domain names submitted.
One thing I was surprised about was the number of new gTLD domain name submissions. I would have thought the vast majority of submissions would be .com domain names. It was interesting for me to observe the number of new gTLD domain submissions that readers favor.
I am now curious to see what you think your most valuable domain name is. I am sure many people have more than one domain name they consider valuable, and I think it would be interesting if people shared the domain name they own that holds the most (financial) value today. I also invite you to share what you think the domain name is worth. Feel free to leave a “wholesale” and “retail” value if you would like.
Others are welcome to comment on the domain name submissions to share their thoughts on the valuation. For instance, if someone posts “ is my most valuable domain name and I think it is worth $100,000,” others can share whether they believe the domain name is worth more or less. This is similar to a domain appraisal thread.
As with the last article, please keep in mind that people may have different opinions than the opinion posted by the domain owner, and all comments that don’t get caught by the spam filter will be published. People who might take offense to comments about the valuation of domain names should not post their domain name here for others to review. Each week, DNJournal posts a report of sales from the previous week, and there are many names that sold for far more than I would have ever guessed.

By Elliot Silver ⋅ June 2, 2015