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TUESDAY,2 JUNE 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on June 2nd,welcome to the exclusive Domain Movers series on where Jamie Zoch scours the web and digs thousands of domain name registrations and domains on the move to find domains acquired by some of the largest companies on the web!

The follow are often early detections of domain names being registered, acquired and simply moving by large corporations.

Here we go with the latest domain movers:

Apple Inc. has secured the domain name to add to its domain name I had mentioned in an earlier article. The domain name was owned by a Grant Sharples of Seventyeight Digital Inc and was registered January 6, 2012.

To note: now shows Apple Inc as the owners in whois and they have brought domain name servers in-house but the domain name doesn’t resolve currently.

Staples, Inc has acquired the domain name from a Robert Berger of Runa, Inc. Staples actually acquired the company in October 2013 according to a TechCrunch article and the domain has just transferred into the Staples name in whois records.

To note, is listed for sale on Sedo with a Make Offer but it is unclear if this is an old or new listing. has changed ownership to Intercontinental Exchange. It was announced in November 2014 that NYSE acquired the company and the domain now reflects that purchase. has been sold by an unknown Safenames client to Shenchao of China. has been acquired out of the GoDaddy/Marchex domain name portfolio by The domain had a minimum offer of 500 so the likely purchase price was closer to around $700-$1,000 by my calculated guess.

Amazon Technologies has registered the domain names, and They currently do not own but the domain was recently registered on December 17, 2014 by The Finance Institute LLC.

Dropbox Inc. has acquired the domain name when it acquired the startup CloudOn, which was announced in January 2015. Whois reflects this now. has been registered by a currently unknown MarkMonitor client using the DnStination Inc. in whois records. They have also registered the .net | .org domains at the same time.

General Motors LLC has registered 22 domain names relating to and also using the acronym They registered several like the following in 3500 and 4500 as well as HD and without. These are commercial vehicles.

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA has registered 119 domain names relating to a likely new product call the Yamaha YXZ 1000 and several forms of it like YXZ 1000 R and SXS, RSXS. This is a UTV Side by Side based on some of the domains like and for an example. They have also added the term Forum and the plural at the end of some terms. They also used the term and and

The current models hold names like Wolverine R-Spec and Viking / Viking VI

Mars Incorporated which announced in April 2014 that it was buying a large portion of Proctor & Gamble’s pet food business, has taken ownership of the domain name, and

Mars owns a little over 2,000 domain names currently.

Microsoft Incorporated registered the domain names /.net and / .net . They also registered and

Quest Nutrition, LLC. has registered the domain name

Amazon Technologies Inc. has registered the domain name and

TBL Licensing LLC has acquired the domain name a domain name that was registered on April 25, 2014 and was for sale at The domain was owned by Simon D’Arcy.

Qualcomm Inc. has registered the domain name

Pfizer Inc. has registered the domain name

The Hertz Corporation has registered the domain names and

Finlead AG – Brand Management has acquired the domain name “for six figures” in a deal that was brokered by Manmeet Singh of

The Readers Digest Association, Inc. has acquired the domain name from Get On The Web. /.net /.biz and /.biz were registered by a currently unknown CSC Corporate domains client. Neither or are at CSC and appear to be owned by individuals currently.

AVG NETHERLANDS B.V. has acquired the domain name from OpenInstall Inc. according to whois records. The domain has been registered since September 26, 1997. has acquired the domain name from Parperfeito Comunicacao S.A and it appears to have been a full website prior, so this was likely more than just a domain name deal.

H&M has registered the domain name

Abbott Laboratories has acquired the domain name from a Nick Mavrogenes. The domain name was registered February 28, 2013.

ITV plc ( has acquired the domain name according to whois records from a Ryan Pennington of Burbank, CA. The domain name was registered January 25, 2004.

Microsoft Corporation has potentially listed the domain name for sale at Sedo. Microsoft does own the domain name according to whois records and the domain is listed for sale at Sedo, the one thing that isn’t clear… is when the listing was created and by who. The “seller’s info” only indicates they have been a member since October 2010 and are from the United States. Here is the listing if you are interested.

Whole Foods Market has acquired the domain name at Sedo. The domain had a listing price of $2,808. Back on May 14, 2015 I had mentioned that Whole Foods registered several related domains and didn’t own the exact match, but now they do! has acquired the domain name and is currently redirecting the new domain to The service is an app that is a loyalty / rewards program for brick and mortar stores. According to TechCrunch, they received $9 Million in funding in 2013 but clearly Flok doesn’t appear to have anything to do with “LoyalBlocks” from what I can tell, so a potential rebrand?

The domain was for sale via and has been registered since May 13, 2002.

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