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Full Version: .ninja Turns 1 W/ 35% Domains Pointing To Active Websites
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FRIDAY,29 May 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 29th,Rightside has just published a news release that mentions that .ninja is celebrating its first birthday! With the birthday announcement comes some numbers for the new TLD:

“In the last year, more than 48,000 .NINJA domain extensions have been secured, and 35 percent of domain names point to active websites. .NINJA is one of the top 25 most registered new TLDs and is rapidly growing among marital arts studios, business and creative agencies such as, a marketing agency out of New York that offers marketing and SEO services, content creation, social media marketing and digital asset creation.” according to the release.

I just did a quick Google search to see how many indexed pages on .ninja domains resides in Google and I was pretty shocked at the amount! 77.8 Million using the hack that I did:


That is a pretty impressive number in a year… Update: if that number was correct. Although Google displayed that amount, I was corrected in the comment section due to a poor use of my search hack. Upon further research, and clicking through 31 pages of results, that is where the results stopped. So there are a little over 300 indexed .ninja domain names.


You can read the full article from Rightside here.