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Full Version: Becomes 2nd Largest New gTLD Registrar In The World
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MONDAY,25 May 2015 The Domains
According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 25th, has become the 2nd Largest New gTLD Registrar In The World  according to

The domain name registrar which was little known and used before the new gTLD program has skyrocket into having the 2nd most new gTLD registrations with over 430K registration passing Network Solutions that has over 427,000 registrations. now accounts for over 7.5% of all new gTLD domain name registrations seems to have a special relationship with one new gTLD portfolio registrant, Famous Four Media, both of which are based on Gibraltar.

As you can see from the they are all Famous Four Strings except for 14 registrations out of over 430,000 registrations:

.science 258,183 59.96%
.party 140,024 32.52%
.webcam 29,022 6.74%
.trade 3,301 0.77%
.bid 12 0.00%
.events 11 0.00%
.cricket 4 0.00%
.space 2 0.00%
.cash 1 0.00%
.digital 1 0.00%

.Science is a mixture of free domain names and domains sold for .$.49

After the first 5,ooo or so domains, has been offering free .Party domain name registrations since May 6th but may also be priced at $.49 now.

Alpnames has also been offering free .Webcam domain names over the last 2+ weeks.

In the case of  the 3rd largest new gTLD registrar that Alpnames just passed, Network Solutions,  ]also has 7.5% of all new gTLD domain registrations,  but 88% of its domain registrations in the form of free  .XYZ registrations.