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Full Version: Namecheap Launches Online Marketplace For Small Businesses
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on May 7th,Namecheap is launching a new marketplace today for small businesses according to

Rick Kirkendall, the CEO of Namecheap is quoted saying “The Marketplace is similar to the Apple app store, where external developers can submit apps for people to use to make building their websites easier, after they already have a domain,” says .

“The biggest differentiator is that we have a backend working behind the scenes that allows customers to set up these services in the Marketplace with 1-click, In other words, a user buying services and apps through the Marketplace may never have to touch DNS records again reducing the likelihood of errors and making it easier to set up a website.”

While Namecheap will offer a 1-click set-up, it will also offer the following services:
◾Email (Google Apps)
◾Website Analytics (Briefmetrics)
◾SEO (sitebooster)
◾Logos (tailor brands)
◾Personal Branding (
◾Website design themes from Weebly