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Full Version: great brand with an interesting history
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on April 16th,a chain of allergy doctors uses a fantastic domain name.
Great brand for an allergist.
The other day I got out of my car at a retail center and noticed this great domain name on the building next to me:

This is a fantastic name for an allergy doctor!

I looked up the company and found that they have multiple allergy centers in Central Texas as well as one in the Los Angeles area.

The domain name has a bit of history, too. Remember, the .com company that filed for bankruptcy when the bubble burst? I recall ready that the company bought a bunch of variations of its domain name because it’s hard to spell. Apparently it also owned, which is frankly a much better name than

I personally see an allergist in Austin. While researching allergists many years ago, I found that they all had similar names…Austin Allergy this, Austin Allergy that… is a great differentiator.