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Full Version: Wix Wins The Digital Bowl
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on February 4th,Merkle/RKG a search and digital marketing agency, released the results of their 2nd Annual Digital Marketing Bowl. The top spots were taken by Wix and Bud Light. Wix was mentioned by CNN as the Super Bowl’s next Go Daddy.

Wix and Bud Light Take Top Spots

Wix brought a well rounded strategy to the table, taking home the Digital Bowl crown in paid search, SEO and social media. Its fake websites for NFL players’ ‘companies’ were just as optimized as the Super Bowl-focused landing page hosted on its own domain, and Wix shelled out for paid ad units to secure as much real estate on the search engine results page (SERP) as possible. They also stayed focused throughout the game with real-time engagement and smart plays on other advertisers’ content.

Bud Light also showed solid paid search and SEO strategy, ending up as one of the top performers in both categories for their support of the #UpforWhatever campaign. Where Bud Light really excelled, however, was in its display advertising strategy, complete with multiple banner ads accompanying YouTube videos as well as premium ad inventory buys during the game.

In the end, Wix took home the Digital Bowl title, marking the second straight year a newcomer to Super Bowl television advertising performed the best on the digital stage.