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Full Version: Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names Registers Over 9,000 .Hosting Domains
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on February 3rd,Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names registered over 9,000 domain names in the new gTLD .Hosting on January 31th

.Hosting which is owned by Frank Schilling’s Uniregistry had about 2,312 domain names registrations as of January 30th, now has over 11,600 registered domain names.

Mr. Schilling has long said he would go ahead and register domain names he thought would be premium domain names after the new gTLD extension of Uniregistry has been available to the public.

.Hosting has been available for registration since around November 25, 2014, so for over two month.

Included in the over 9,000 domain names registered on January 31, seem to be all available 3 numbered .hosting domains (NNN.Hosting) and a lot of three letter .Hosting domain names (LLL.Hosting).

There is a new gTLD .Host which has around 2,200 domain registrations, about the same before the North Sound Names .Hosting registrations.

.Hosting is now the 72nd most registered new gTLD, .Host is 231 according to