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Full Version: Want Your Baby To Have A Unique Name ? Do you have an extra $31,000 to pay for it?
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on January 29th,Huffington Post did a story on Erfolgwelle a firm that focuses on giving your baby a unique name. They do all this for $31,000. The article lays out the process and who they bring to the table as far as their staff.

From the article:

Erfolgswelle is firm devoted entirely to generating unique baby names. With 14 naming experts, four historians, and 12 translators on hand — not to mention two trademark attorneys to ensure names don’t conflict with companies and products — the staff at Erfolgswelle will spend around 100 hours per client coming up with 15-25 possible names.

For about $31,000, that is.

“Based on the elements of the new name, we create a story with a positive message around the name,” CEO Marc Hoauser told Buzzfeed. “That’s why all the parts of the name need a positive message in it. We often combine words in a new order. It’s like composing music or drawing; like all creatives, we transform existing elements into new, never-heard creations. Or we find fantastic words that were never used before as pre-names.”

If clients don’t like the the first round of choices, Erfolgswelle staff will reportedly come up with 10-15 more.