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Full Version: Tip For The New Year: Don’t Buy Domains When You’re High.
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 29th,with marijuana becoming legal in more and more states to varying degrees, here is a cautionary tale for anyone who is thinking about smoking and domaining.

Don’t do it.

This story comes from a guy who told his tale on who spend over $5,000 registering domain names while high after he went on a buying spree on godaddy.

Could you do this when you were drunk, well sure but if you look at the domain names the guy registered you can clearly see that Mary Jane paid a visit:

“Last Monday night I was talking with my friend Mitch about the crazy domains he sold during his internship at GoDaddy. Apparently these people would buy domains really cheap and them for tons of money later.

Flash Forward..

Wednesday night, after a long day of studying for finals, it made sense to kick it and unwind for the evening. A few drinks, too many joints and LOT of Taco Bell later I found myself on the phone with GoDaddy.

“I spent over three hours on the phone with an associate, going over my amazing idea of cornering the Escort and Wrap markets (Mainly Wraps).

I wake up the next morning with an email from GoDaddy congratulating me on my bulk domain name purchase and billing me the KING of Wraps.

“Apparently I spent $5,000+ on my Credit Card between 1 – 4:30 am and purchased over 200+ food, wrap and escort names.”

“Please help, I can’t get a refund on these and I need to pay my student loans. I just finished my final exams and graduated from college last week:”

According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 29th, two new gTLD went into General Availability yesterday on Christmas eve day.

Including all registrations by trademark holders in Sunrise and those who paid an additional fee to register domain names before GA in the Early Access Program (EAP) here are the total number of registrations after the first day of GA:

.Dentist 907

.Rehab 293

We noted yesterday on Twitter that only 25 domain names in .Rehab were registered in Sunrise and the EAP period combined, going into GA

There is already a .Dental new gTLD which has close to 5,000 domain registrations

In case your curious here the domain name registered yesterday in .Rehab: