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Full Version: Godaddy Sued For $50 Million By Russian Millionaire Konstantin Malofeev
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 18th, has been sued for $50 million by A Russian millionaire claiming Godaddy defamed him by hosting a number of websites that accuse him of fraud.

Konstantin Malofeev sued GoDaddy, Domains by Proxy and John Doe – the anonymous operator of the websites – on Dec. 14

Malofeev claims he is a businessman, politician, and chairman of the board of directors of Marshall Capital Group, one of Russia’s largest equity investment groups.

He claims that a number of websites incorporating his name and hosted by GoDaddy defamed him, and that Domains by Proxy conceals the identifying information of the anonymous registrant.

“The websites contain assertions that Malofeev is ‘a thief and a criminal,’ who has committed fraud, privatization fraud, illegal purchasing of shares of regional energy companies, committing fraud on investors, and other alleged illegal acts,” the complaint states.

Malofeev says the websites claim he was subject to a criminal proceeding, which was “allegedly conveniently closed,” and that he violated a number of articles in Russia’s Criminal Code, including fraud, illegal possession and dissipation of assets, bribery, and organization of a criminal community.

Malofeev, who denies these allegations, claims he suffered damages to his “personal and professional reputations … by the publication of these false statements.”

According to the story, Bloomberg News reported in June this year that Malofeev made more than $700 million in November 2013 when he sold his largest asset, a 7.5% stake in the Russian state-run phone company Rostelecom, back to the company.

Malofeev seeks an injunction stopping defendant from publishing any defamatory statements, removal of the websites and transfer of the domains to him, and $50 million in damages.