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Full Version: Oops: Moniker account balances are apparently borked
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According to the news from Domain Forum of China on December 9th,incorrect balances shown on accounts dating back to October.

The hits keep on coming for Moniker…and its customers.

When the domain name registrar switched to a completely new registrar platform over the summer, it lost all previous invoices that customers used to be able to view within their account.

Customers got access to new invoices, and could see an up-to-date balance, but couldn’t see their transactions from before the platform switch.

Then, some time around October, it appears that customers’ balances got mucked up.

I was pretty sure that the balance in my account was $3xx after the transition. At least, that’s what I recall showing up on the balance after the transition. (I have no way of verifying that this was correct since the previous invoices are gone.)

But in early October, my account suddenly showed this:


Did Christmas come early? Or did Moniker realize it had made a mistake during the transition and I actually had more funds in my account than previously shown?

Neither of the above, apparently. It would seem that the updated balance in October was an error.

I logged in today to see:


That sucks. But at least I don’t have a negative balance. Multiple posters on a DNForum thread (membership required) say they are surprised to have negative balances at Moniker and are being told to “pay up”.